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Fixing external projects


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If you generated a MITK project using the BundleGenerator, your projects build system probably needs a couple of tweaks to work with the new CTK-based BlueBerry.

  • Your custom executable needs a different set of include directories. The new variables to use are:
  • The TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES command for your executable should now look like
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(<executable-target> org_blueberry_osgi)
  • Your applications .ini file needs an additional entry:
  • Your executables .cpp file usually contains a statement like
#include <org.blueberry.osgi/src/application/berryStarter.h>

which must be changed to

#include <berryStarter.h>
  • Further, your executables .cpp file must now create a QApplication instance. So add the include directive "#include <QApplication>" and add the following lines at the beginning of your main method:
// Create a QApplication instance first
QApplication myApp(argc, argv);
myApp.setOrganizationName("My Organization");
  • On Windows, you have to fix the batch files used for starting Visual Studio or the application itself. The files are called start<project-name> and and are located in your projects source directory. In both files, the line which sets the PATH variable should now look like:
Don't forget to re-run CMake after editing the files.
  • Usually, your external project contains also BlueBerry bundles. You must fix them by following the instructions provided here.
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