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Using Kinect with MITK-ToF


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Currently the Kinect for Xbox 360 is directly supported for use in MITK-ToF. The following sections describe its integration in detail. MITK-ToF uses OpenNI to access the Kinect data. Since the OpenNI project was shut down, there is no official open source project. An alternative would be to use the Microsoft SDK, but this was not done yet.

Info: The OpenNI drivers are meant to be working with the original Kinect for Xbox, not the newer Kinect for Windows. If you want to use your Windows device, you will have to use the official Microsoft Kinect SDK. To get this running, you have to use the OpenNI bridge to use the KinectSDK in OpenNI. More info about bridging can be obtained here: Bridging has not been tested yet by the MITK-ToF developer team.


Get the Kinect-Software running on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04):

  1. Install the required packages:
sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev
  1. Clone OpenNI and checkout the a commit which works:
git clone
cd OpenNI/
git checkout 7409554df0761bca0213c900189885ff3c4ac852
  1. After this you should be on the commit "Fixed missing files from the Linux common directory." by Ziv Hendel.
  1. Build and install OpenNI:
cd OpenNI/Platform/Linux/CreateRedist/
chmod +x RedistMaker
cd ../Redist/OpenNI-Bin-Dev-Linux-x64-v1.5.2.23/
sudo ./
  1. Clone Avin2 Kinect sensor (the actual driver):
git clone git:// SensorKinect
  1. Build and install the driver:
cd SensorKinect/Platform/Linux/CreateRedist/
chmod +x !RedistMaker
cd ../Redist/Sensor-Bin-Linux-x64-v5.1.0.25/
chmod +x
sudo ./
  1. Set the respective CMake variables in your MITK-build:

    • Activate MITK_USE_KINECT
    • MITK_KINECT_INCLUDE_DIR = /usr/local/ni
    • MITK_KINECT_LIB = /usr/lib/

  1. (Optional) Sometimes the USB Mod has to be deactivated:
sudo modprobe -r gspca_kinect
sudo sh -c 'echo "blackli
    Clone OpenNI and checkout the a commit which works:
st gspca_kinect" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-
  1. For c++11 you have to adapt the following file:
sudo nano /usr/include/ni/XnPlatform.h
Change line 65 to (only add __):
#elif (__linux__ && (__i386__ || __x86_64__))
Change line 67 tp:
#elif (__linux__ && __arm__)


Installing the necessary software on Windows:

  1. Download the OpenNI Binaries. They are still available at: and install them in <OpenNIInstallationDir> (e.g. C:\Programs\OpenNI)

  2. Dowload and install the Kinect drivers (SensorKinect) from (x64: )

  3. Set the CMake variables in MITK-build:
    • Activate MITK_USE_KINECT
    • MITK_KINECT_INCLUDE_DIR = <OpenNIInstallationDir>\Include
    • MITK_KINECT_LIB = <OpenNIInstallationDir>\Lib64
  1. Important Note: Visual Studio 2012 is now required for MITK and is officially not supported by OpenNI, but it turns out that at least everything related to MITK-ToF works fine. So you can just comment out the respective error message in XnPlattform.h:

//#error Xiron Platform Abstraction Layer - Win32 - Microsoft Visual Studio versions above 2010 (10.0) are not supported!

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